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Pool Covers Freehold

It is not just enough to install an inground swimming pool; you must be concerned about its regular maintenance. Cloudy or murky water is both unwelcoming and unhealthy to bathe in. Therefore, it is important that you make arrangements for the circulation of the water. Installing a proper circulation system inside swimming pools can keep the water crystal clear and free from pathogens. Stagnant water is also the breeding ground for insects and pests. Nevertheless, not just circulation, but, you should also be careful regarding the sanitation of your pool.

The heart of both the sanitation and circulation system of swimming pools is the pumps. The main function of a pump is to draw contaminated and dirty water from the pool, passing it through the pool filters and then pouring the water back again. You can choose from the following three types of filters for your natatorium:

Sand filters: These filters use sand as the filtration cartridge. The water is passed through a cylinder comprising sand. The debris is filtered out and the clean water is then pushed back to the pool with the help of a pump.

Cartridge filters: There is a cartridge inside these filters. This cartridge sieves the impurities from the water and cleans the natatorium. It is more efficient than the sand filters and can clean minute impurities from the water. It is also low on maintenance as compared to the former one.

Diatomaceous earth filters: The DE earth is a porous material that is formed from the skeletal remains of sea sponges. These filters are capable of holding back the tiniest impurities from the water, making the water safe for use.

After you have cleared the debris from the water, it is important to treat the water with chemical disinfectants to kill the germs and the pathogens in the water. Your inground swimming pools contractor will suggest you on using an oxidizer to kill both organic and inorganic contaminants. There are also other forms of swimming pools sanitizers – chlorine, PHMB, and bromine. Apart from these modern natatorium contractors often suggest on the use of oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide and salt chlorine generators, which transforms common salt into chlorine without making the water salty.

A reputed swimming pools contractor would test the water before adding any chemicals arbitrarily. It is recommended that the pH of the water should remain between 7.2 and 7.8 and the alkalinity of the water should be about 80 to 120 parts per million.

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Pool Covers Freehold

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