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Pool games monmouth county

Noncompetitive Swimming Pool Games

Pool games monmouth countyWhen the weather gets hot, the pool is the ideal place to cool down and squeeze in some low-impact exercise. Noncompetitive swimming pool games are enjoyable and entertaining for kids and adults. Children of all ages and all swimming abilities can take part in group games where everyone is a winner. Play noncompetitive swimming pool games at home or in a public swimming pool. Two or more players may participate in the games. Since the games are noncompetitive, the rules for pool games are general and do not have to be strictly followed.

Fish, Fish, Shark
Fish, Fish, Shark is similar to the traditional children's game Duck, Duck, Goose. The kids and adults make a circle in the pool. One player swims around the circle and touches the players in the circle. That player is a fish. The fish tags players in the circle as either a fish or a shark. Players called a “fish” stay in the circle. When the swimmer touches a player and calls her a “shark,” the shark then swims after the fish around the circle of players. The fish tries to swim faster than the shark and make it back to the shark's spot in the circle before getting caught. There are no winners or losers. Even if the fish is caught by the shark, the fish still takes the shark's spot in the circle. The shark then plays the role of a fish and swims around the circle to select a new “shark.”

Sharks and Fish
The shark takes his place in the middle of the swimming pool. The fish line up along the side of the pool. On the count of 3, the fish jump into the pool and try to swim past the shark without getting caught by the shark. Fish that are tagged by the shark then become a shark and try to tag the fish. The fish that make it to the other side of the pool without getting caught by the sharks then climb out of the pool. On the count of 3, the remaining fish jump in again. The game continues until all fish are sharks. As more fish become sharks, it becomes more difficult for the fish to swim past the sharks. When the last fish is tagged, start the game over with a new player as the first shark.

Treasure Dive
Use any smooth, small object that will sink as treasure. The smaller the object, such as a coin, the more fun the kids will have trying to locate the treasure. All players stand outside the pool while a parent or other adult tosses coins and other treasure items, such as spoons, large marbles or solid plastic toys, into the pool at different locations. After all the treasure is in the pool, the players jump into the pool and start searching for the treasure. When all the treasure has been found, a different player can toss the treasure into the pool and rest while other players search. Treasure items should not have sharp edges that could hurt players if they step on it.

Pool Safety
Pool safety should be a primary concern for parents and adults when children are swimming. Make sure that there are enough adults to help keep an eye on children. Allow children to jump or dive into the pool from a designated location where the water is deep enough for diving. Make sure that children do not jump into the pool where other children are playing. Always supervise children when they are swimming. Never leave them alone, even for a minute. Keep children away from drains, pipes and filter apparatus. Kids should swim only in swimsuits and not wear tee shirts in a pool. Shirts can float up and get caught around a child's face. Make sure that children who cannot swim or whose swimming skills need improvement are always supervised and wear a flotation device, such as a life vest. At least one adult present should know how to perform CPR.

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Pool games monmouth county

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