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Pool Trends Freehold

2017 Pool Trends Freehold NJ

Pool Trends FreeholdThe next year is definitely going to be the one in which you get a backyard pool, so you might as well start planning right away. Pools have been around for a long time and you may think they’re all designed the same (it’s a hole in the ground), but you would be wrong. There are trends in pool design like with everything else and they’re rapidly changing.

Here are a few tips on what’s hot in swimming pool design for the year to come.

Smaller Pools

Bigger isn’t always better. Even if your yard can accommodate a big swimming pool, smaller pools, so called “spools” (spa/pool hybrids), are in. They’re easier to maintain and install, and they cost less. You obviously can’t use them to play volleyball, but you can still take a dip, lounge by the water and feel more secure when there are kids involved. Smaller pools also let you have more of your property for other activities, like a nice lawn or a barbeque by the pool. Also, when you decide to sell the house, it will increase the value of the property almost as a bigger pool would.

Negative Edges

The concept is also known as vanishing edges. Until recently it was something fancy hotels did, but now it’s becoming increasingly popular for backyard pools. The effect is created by shortening the pool wall on one side. This allows the water to spill into the basin installed bellow the ground. It’s an elaborate design and it usually isn’t cheap. Also, this looks best when the pool is installed next to a great view (that’s why the hotels did it). If you don’t have especially great scenery in your backyard, it might be a bad investment.


Fiberglass swimming pools are going to be quite popular in 2017. They’re installed much faster than the competitors, because the pools come pre-made. The surface of these pools is smooth and requires little to no maintenance. There is nothing in fiberglass that can alter water chemical composition, which means that no chemicals are needed for cleaning. The same material is used to build aero planes, so you don’t have to worry about cracking and durability. In the end, with fiberglass you can pick the color and fit the design to your backyard more comfortably and even seamlessly.

High Tech

The internet of things has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, pools included. The users want the ability to control different features of their pool using nothing but a smartphone or a computer. This is now possible, although not that easy to install. Cleaning, water temperature and pumps are definitely the first things to get automatized. People will also probably start to add LED lights to their pools and use their phones to create cool effects for parties or just backyard ambiance.

Heating & Cooling

Heating pumps have been popular for a while now. Nobody wants to wait for summer to swim in a jacuzzi and with heating pumps, nobody has to. This can be more environment friendly than you thought – there are pumps which use solar panels to get the energy needed for heating your pool. But, the biggest hit for 2017 will be the cooling not the heating system. This can be done using a mechanical evaporative cooler. They are used overnight and they can lower the temperature by 10°F. The other choice is to have a reverse cycle swimming pool heater. They use a refrigerant to keep the temperature at a desired level. It’s a more expensive option, but they can cool the pool on demand.

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Pool Trends Freehold

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