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Koi Ponds Waterfalls Monmouth County

Koi Ponds & Waterfalls in Monmouth County

Koi Ponds

A little sun, a little shade, a few fish and plants, and you’ve got your own eco-system in your yard. An oasis for local wildlife, Garden Ponds, can add a relaxing and awe-inspiring focal point to your backyard. East Coast Pool Concepts specializes in the design and construction of beautiful, healthy, energy efficient ponds and water features that are customized to fit the owner's particular style and taste.

Our main goal is to create a water feature that is beautiful and natural looking, while requiring minimal maintenance and operating expense.


Our attention to detail is one of the things that sets us apart from other pool builders. We know that your swimming pool should be more than just functional – it should add interest and beauty to your backyard. Incorporating a water feature, such as a waterfall or fountain, into your pool’s design can help accomplish this. Water features come in many different styles. It’s common to see a raised spa that pours over some type of spillway into the pool below. You might also consider a bubbling fountain rising from a step or shallow pool, water spouts arching water across the pool’s surface, or a dramatic waterfall constructed of rock and surrounded by lush landscaping elements. Any of these unique water features will help transform your swimming pool into an elegant backyard resort

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Koi Ponds Waterfalls Monmouth County

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