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Pool Covers

While available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, pool covers generally fulfill two main purposes, to protect your pool from the weather, and to keep it heated. Whether you have an above ground or in ground pool. Pool covers will also prevent unwanted wild life from entering the pool, as well as people from entering the pool. There are an assortment of pool covers that will keep your pool safe, even during the roughest of weather.

Make sure the cover you choose is strong and stable. While the main goal is to prevent unwanted debris like leaves and twigs from entering the pool, the cover should also be able to safety hold anyone who accidentally steps onto it. While buying the cover, make sure it comes with a warranty. You never know when a hurricane or storm could damage or ruin your pool cover. Your pool cover will most likely come with either anchors or straps, but make sure that everything is there when you buy it!

The size of the cover should be a little larger than the pool itself, giving you ample room to anchor down your pool. This ensures that there is minimal space for anything to slip underneath the cover, into your pool. However, there are also automatic pool covers, which fit perfectly over your pool. And since they are automatic, it means less hassle when you want to cover or uncover your pool!

Pool covers are a necessity to keeping your pool safe and clean. A good quality pool cover will last for at least a couple of years. There are many stores that sell pool covers, and any pool supply store will have a large variety to choose from. As long as you are well informed about the cover you plan on buying, you should be enjoying the summer a whole lot more!

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