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Custom Built Pool Enclosures | Monmouth County

Pool enclosures are the best method for protecting your pool. While there primary function is to protect the pool from wind, rain, and snow, they also have the added benefit of keeping out bugs and animals. They can be built to almost any size and specification, with a variety of material that will not only match your backyard, but transform it into a wonderful getaway. East Coast Pool Concepts has been building and installing custom pool enclosures in Monmouth County and the surrounding areas all throughout New Jersey and the Tri-State Area.

Screen Enclosure

The simplest design is a screen enclosure. With this design, a frame is put together, and hold many screens, which allows light and wind to pass through, while keeping out pesky insects. However, they should not be used in areas where it snows during the winter season, as they are not durable enough to withstand the weight of snow.

Glass Enclosure

While leaning more towards the expensive side, glass enclosures are durable and stable. The glass is shatterproof, and can be substituted with other shatterproof materials, such as polycarbonate. As they can withstand more weight, many are built with a retractable roof to open during the hot summer months.

Retractable Enclosure

A telescopic enclosure is essentially a retractable pool enclosure. They come in an arc shape, and can be opened or closed at will. You can even partially open it to only cover part of the pool. These enclosures are very flexible, while providing a view of the surrounding area.

Monmouth County's Choice For Custom Built Pool Enclosures

The overall purpose of a is to make your pool area feel like an extension of your house. Having a pool enclosure increases the value of your home, and greatly extends the life of your pool. The enclosure helps both keeping the pool warm, and preventing evaporation. With all these wonderful benefits, there is plenty of reasons to invest in your very own pool enclosure.

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Pool Enclosures Monmouth County

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