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Pool Landscapes design Monmouth County

Pool Landscape Design | Monmouth County

Your pool is a vital part of your backyard, possible one of the most important parts of your backyard as an amenity. However, even if your pool is fantastic, if the area around your pool is in poor condition the quality of your backyard will significantly drop. East Coast Pool Concepts has been turning pool landscaping visions into realities in Monmouth County and the surrounding areas all throughout New Jersey and the Tri-State Area. Here are some features to keep in mind when designing your pool landscape.

Adding Rocks To Your Pool Landscape

Pool landscapes will use either artificial or natural stone. While the stones may look similar, natural stone can be on the costly side due to having them brought on site, as well as having engineering challenges. Plus, artificial stones offer adaptability, allowing for more options to choose from. The main key is to plan the layout in a way that makes the artificial stone appear to be natural.

Give You Pool Landscape A Natural Look With Water Features

Waterfalls are one the most popular water features in a pool, and, if planned correctly, can really make your pool seem like a natural environment. You can even have the sounds of waterfall changes depending on the design. However, if a waterfall is too much, you can also have a simple stream running into your pool.

Connect Your Pool To Other Areas Of Your Backyard With Hardscapeing

Hardscaping can be as minimal or as gigantic as you want it to be, the only true limitation being how much you can spend. You can connect your pool to just about anything else in your backyard, whether it be your house, a shed, a path to front yard, or a deck or patio. Connecting your pool to other areas of your backyard will make your entire yard seem connected. Interested? Check out our Hardscape Page for more information.

Don't Underestimate The Power Of Shade Structures

Shade structures are small pieces of construction that provide shade to an area. Their designs vary in numerous ways, and their design will also impact your backyard. These structures can either be free standing, or as an attachment to your house. Either way, these shaded areas near your pool will add significant value, as well as being helpful during the scorching summer months.

Monmouth County's Choice For Pool Landscaping Contractors

Proper pool landscaping can transform the most basic pool and patio into perfect paradise. In most cases, once the pool landscaping is completed, the overall design develops the "wow" reaction that people seek.

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